Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Programme | 舊電器回收計劃

Organised by Environment Protection Department, AnchorStream Limited continuously support the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Programme (WEEE), which aims to channel WEEE for reuse and recycling instead of disposal. Since October 2010, St James’ Settlement was granted 3-year funding support from the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) to implement the WEEE GO GREEN programme to enhance the service and move from the Kowloon Bay Waste Recycling Centre to a larger recycling workshop at the EcoPark WEEE Recycling Centre. The WEEE collection is focused on major designated items, namely television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, video or audio equipment, microwave ovens, fans, water heaters, rice cookers, air-conditioners, heaters, electronic games and mobile phones. Other home electrical appliances will also be colletced. WEEE are brought to the WEEE Recycling Centre for inspection, repair and/or dismantling. Appliances that can be repaired are donated to the needy. If there is no suitable recipient, the repaired goods are placed on charitable sale and the proceeds will be ploughed back to the programme to offset part of the operating cost. Items that are beyond repair are dismantled and their useable components and materials are recovered for reuse and recycling.

由環境保護署主辦,基峰數據有限公司全力支持舊電器回收計劃,計劃旨在通過回收廢舊電器及電子產品作循環再用或再造,以減少棄置的廢物,自二零一零年十月起,聖雅各福群會獲得環境及自然保育基金資助,加強回收服務,由九龍灣綜合回收中心搬到較大的屯門環保園,推行為期三年的「綠色家電環保園」計劃及營運環保園家電再生中心。此計劃集中回收主要指定物品:電視、雪櫃、洗衣機、影音器材、微波爐、電風扇、熱水壺、電飯煲、冷氣機、暖爐、電子遊戲機及手提電話,而其他一般家用電器亦會回收處理。收集所得的電器會送到回收中心進行檢查、維修及拆件等工作。 經維修後的電器會經慈善團體或志願機構轉贈予有需要人士;如無合適受贈者,有關物品會被義賣,收益撥作計劃的營運經費。不適宜維修再用的電器會被拆開,從中回收有用的零件或物料以供再用或循環再造。

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