UbiWhale Smart Bluetooth 4.0 system supporting HKDI Emerging Design Talent 2014 | UbiWhale 提供智能藍牙4.0系統予香港知專設計學院展覽「型 · 聚」 2014

photo202AnchorStream Limited pleased to announce that our Smart Bluetooth 4.0 solutions (SBS) for exhibition and retail business was successfully deployed in one of the leading design institutes in Asia: Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI).

AnchorStream proudly provided Smart Bluetooth 4.0 technology to HKDI, for their annual big event: Emerging Design Talent 2014. HKDI embedded SBS into their Visual products and Installation art. Art product information will dynamically loaded into end users devices with UbiWhale; allowing users experiencing a new interactive way to understand the products.

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基峰數據有限公司高興地宣布,我們的展覽和零售智能藍牙4.0解決方案(Smart Bluetooth 4.0 solutions, SBS),已成功為其中一所領先亞洲的設計學院:香港知專設計學院(HKDI)部署。 基峰數據為知專設計學院的年度盛事「型 · 聚」 2014,提供智能藍牙技術。 SBS嵌入在視覺產品和裝置藝術中,動態的互動信息將加載到用戶的UbiWhale移動設備上,讓用戶多角度體驗藝術品的味道。





Emerging Design Talents 2014: New Voices
Date: 19 June – 28 June 2014 (Daily)
Time: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Venue: Design Boulevard, HKDI and IVE (Lee Wai Lee)
Free Admission

An event that gathers Hong Kong’s design industry players, HKDI and IVE alumni and students, and the general public, Emerging Design Talents 2014: New Voices is a platform for our young creative talents to express their creative minds and demonstrate their outstanding skills. It is also an annual event which engages the participation of the general public and local industry through Design. A fine selection of student works from various design disciplines will be showcased, which include Advertising Design, Creative Media, Digital Music & Media, Film & TV, Publication Design & Print Media, Visual Communication, Fashion Design, Image Design, Architectural Design, Landscape Architecture, Product Design, Exhibition Design, Interior Design, Visual Arts and Culture, Multimedia and Internet Technology and other disciplines.

HKDI 及 IVE(李惠利)「型 · 聚」 2014展覽


「型·聚2014」是一項凝聚香港設計師、HKDI 及 IVE 校友與學生、以至普羅大眾的設計活動。本學院的年青設計師將展示他們的佳作,並邀請公眾及業界參與其中。多場展覽節目涵蓋不同設計界別的精選學生作品,包括廣告設計、創意媒體、電影及電視、視覺傳意、時裝設計、形象設計、建築設計、園境建築、產品設計、展覽設計、視覺藝術與文化研究、多媒體及互聯網科技及其他學系等。

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