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HKDI CDM Industrial Attachment & Overseas Training Program 2014-2015 | 香港知專設計學院 傳意設計及數碼媒體學系 企業實習及海外培訓項目 2014-2015

Introduction (English version only)


AnchorStream Limited (AnchorStream) is recruiting talented design trainees, to meet their need on business expansion, AnchorStream will provides ten weeks training (three hours per week) in two main parts: design skills and programming skills.


Phase 1: General Techniques

Duration: 21 Apr 14’ – 23 May 14’
Time: TBC
Venue: HKDI or AnchorStream Development Centre

Scope: UI design, UX consideration, Web Technology, Mobile Apps development, Adobe Suite application, etc

Trainees will be taught basic hands-on skills in their desired area, to fit their future career need and prepare for the next training phase. Presentation required on their assigned work and maximum three candidates will be selected to enter phase 2.

Phase 2: Commercial Product mock-up

Duration: 26 May 14’ – 27 Jul 14’
Time: TBC
Venue: AnchorStream Development Centre

Scope: After going through the first phase training, qualified trainees will learn advance skills to mock-up commercial product, it serves as a trade test to become a professional. Qualified trainee at the end of the training program may receive employment offer from AnchorStream and entitled to be nominated as best trainee for an overseas training program which annually organised by AnchorStream with different higher education institutes in Hong Kong.

Remarks: Students who joined the training, those training hours will also be counted as IA training hours as industrial project / tasks will be given to students as training practice)

Application Procedure

Interested students, please apply by sending email to Daisy Ng (daisyng@vtc.edu.hk ) with your name, mobile, class code on or before 5pm, 11 April 14’.


HKDI CDM PhoneGap Training | 香港知專設計 傳意設計及數碼媒體 PhoneGap培訓

Date: Jan 15, 2013
Time: 15 Jan 8:30 – 11:30am, 12:30 – 3:30pm
Venue: HKDI LW323
Speaker: Peter YAU & Stanley YUEN

AM session: Workflow and hands-on practice of using PhoneGap
PM session: Individual Consultation (Students are advised to prepared their own demo/design using HTML5+CSS, Javascript, and seek advice from speaker)


ButtonPaper | 紙纖


ButtonPaper is a leading mobile platform solution, for schools and education providers. BPApps have both iPhone and Android versions, to connect school, parents, teachers, students, alumni and the public. With our handheld platform, you can effectively communicate with your school audience anytime, anywhere.

紙纖是一家領先移動平台解決方案供應 商,為學校和教育機構提供信息技術解 決方案。我們的移動平台可以有效地令 家長、教師、學生、校友以至公眾, 隨時隨地獲得學校信息。BPApps同時提 供iPhone和Android版本。


HKDI Website shines in Pixel Awards


We are pleased to share that the HKDI website (www.hkdi.edu.hk) has been awarded as the People’s Champ Winners (2011 Student Nominees) in the Pixel Awards, which is an annual international cutting-edge website award since 2006.

Awards entries were evaluated by the Pixel Awards judges, who are proven innovators in their fields with broad web expertise, base on the creative and technical blend of impeccable graphic design, artistry, technological expertise, and a powerful, stimulating user experience.

On receiving this recognition, we are pleased to demonstrate creative professionalism not only from students’ work but also the professional and dedicated staff team. We will continue to enhance the information and functionality of the website, and to tie-in it with other communication channels for HKDI.


Research & Academic Collaboration | 研究與學術合作

As part of the Industrial-Attachment (IA) partner, AnchorStream administers the Industry Academic Collaboration Program (IACP). Funded by the head office, AnchorStream is designed to leverage the full capacity of higher institute’s publicly in order to help knowledge-based potential projects work out with talented students, trainees and candidates. We create jobs and produce finalized commercial products with our innovative mind: win-win is our final aim in this collaboration.

Under IACP, AnchorStream offers a suite of programs and services that are responsive, flexible and adaptive to change, serving researchers, students and high-potential trainee who have strong potential for commercial success.

Through IACP, AnchorStream is committed to:

  • Building a flexible knowledge-based and technological-based skills transfer network for academic and public research purpose.
  • Extracting more value from all provincial investments in research and innovation through effective technology transfer networks
  • Leveraging the full capacity of publicly funded academic research institutions to support industry-driven commercialization activities
  • Overseas Training Program (OTP)
  • Allowance

IACP programs are divided into three main components:

  • Collaborative Commercialization Programs that support industry-academic collaborations
  • Entrepreneurial Talent Programs that support the development of entrepreneurial and business skills for young candidate
  • Collaboration Voucher Program that connects eligible overseas sales representative and companies with research background to address challenges and improve productivity, performance and competitiveness; by selling and improving the quality from our product line.