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HKDI CDM Industrial Attachment & Overseas Training Program 2014-2015 | 香港知專設計學院 傳意設計及數碼媒體學系 企業實習及海外培訓項目 2014-2015

Introduction (English version only)


AnchorStream Limited (AnchorStream) is recruiting talented design trainees, to meet their need on business expansion, AnchorStream will provides ten weeks training (three hours per week) in two main parts: design skills and programming skills.


Phase 1: General Techniques

Duration: 21 Apr 14’ – 23 May 14’
Time: TBC
Venue: HKDI or AnchorStream Development Centre

Scope: UI design, UX consideration, Web Technology, Mobile Apps development, Adobe Suite application, etc

Trainees will be taught basic hands-on skills in their desired area, to fit their future career need and prepare for the next training phase. Presentation required on their assigned work and maximum three candidates will be selected to enter phase 2.

Phase 2: Commercial Product mock-up

Duration: 26 May 14’ – 27 Jul 14’
Time: TBC
Venue: AnchorStream Development Centre

Scope: After going through the first phase training, qualified trainees will learn advance skills to mock-up commercial product, it serves as a trade test to become a professional. Qualified trainee at the end of the training program may receive employment offer from AnchorStream and entitled to be nominated as best trainee for an overseas training program which annually organised by AnchorStream with different higher education institutes in Hong Kong.

Remarks: Students who joined the training, those training hours will also be counted as IA training hours as industrial project / tasks will be given to students as training practice)

Application Procedure

Interested students, please apply by sending email to Daisy Ng (daisyng@vtc.edu.hk ) with your name, mobile, class code on or before 5pm, 11 April 14’.


Moobzz RWD Engine | Moobzz 網頁模板引擎


Moobzz is a comprehensive web template engine, providing building blocks to enable rapid development and realization of a design into a flexible and powerful web platform theme. Moobzz supports cutting edge HTML5 and Responsive Web Design (RWD) elements.

Moobzz是一個綜合性網頁模板引擎,提供構建模塊,成為快速 發展設計模式,實現一個主題靈活而強大功能的網絡平台。 Moobzz支持最先進的HTML5元素和自適應網頁設計(RWD)。


bi Marketing & PR System | bi 市場營銷及公關系統


BEINGINVITED is a centralised marketing tool connecting all parties together, from target audience, celebrities, media to event organisers. BEINGINVITED is an all-in-one solution to simplify your complicated event management and marketing needs.

BEINGINVITED是一個一站式的營銷工具,連接各方在一起:從目標受眾、名 人、媒體到活動策劃者。 BEINGINVITED是一個集全部功能於一身的解決方 案,來簡化您複雜的活動策劃者和市場營銷需求。


Concierge Premier | CONCIERGE 智能控制系統


Concierge Premier is a control system for Bank, Hotel, Shopping Mall and Intelligent Home; which provides information, monitors and controls business hardware and facilities; and provides instant information and status from the business. Concierge Premier is designed for both embedded and retail machines allowing business and home users loading their desired materials to the end-users.

Concierge Premier是一套銀行、酒店、商場及智能家居控制系統,能夠提供信息,監視和控制硬件設備; Concierge Premier能提供即時信息和狀態給予業務使用者。Concierge Premier專為嵌入式和零售機器 設計,讓企業和家庭用戶加載其所需的材料到最終用戶。


Events & Marketing Solution | 活動及市場推廣

We work with companies or their agencies to supply more than just an exhibition trailer or modular stand.  We design mobile innovative environments backed up with digital techniques to engage your audience, and provide measureable ways to measure success – so you can be confident your sales, marketing, communication objectives will be met.

Our roadshow reach has a knowledgeable local understanding to ensure your exhibition truck is located in the ‘hot spots’ to maximise effectiveness.

We supply to every sector from Financial Services and Manufacturing to Charities and Technology, so if you want to catch the imagination of your customers, and engage directly with your target market – get in touch.

我們與公司或其代理機構合作,以提供更多的不僅僅是一個展覽拖車或模塊化的立場。我們設計的備份與數字技術,以吸引觀眾的移動創新的環境,並提供可測量的方法來衡量成功 – ​​所以你可以確信你的銷售,營銷,溝通目標將得到滿足。


我們提供從金融服務和製造每一個部門,以慈善和技術,所以如果你想趕上你的客戶的想像力,並直接與您的目標市場搞 – 取得聯繫