StayMgt | 保持管理


Project-driven companies need project-focused management tools. StayManagement (StayMgt) is an all-in-one tool designed to easily manage the complexities of a business project, providing help to run more efficiently and giving you insights to deliver accurate forecast – on time and on budget. That means better control, better profits, and strong growth in your business.

企業需要以項目為核心的管理工具。StayManagement(中文名:保持管理,StayMgt)能夠輕鬆地管理複雜性的業務項目,提供一個集 各功能於一身的高效管理工具:人力資源、財務、庫存及項目管理 等。幫助您更高效地運行業務,及對時間和預算提供準確的估計。 這意味著您擁有更好的控制、更佳的利潤、以及更大的成長空間。

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