Events & Marketing Solution | 活動及市場推廣

We work with companies or their agencies to supply more than just an exhibition trailer or modular stand.  We design mobile innovative environments backed up with digital techniques to engage your audience, and provide measureable ways to measure success – so you can be confident your sales, marketing, communication objectives will be met.

Our roadshow reach has a knowledgeable local understanding to ensure your exhibition truck is located in the ‘hot spots’ to maximise effectiveness.

We supply to every sector from Financial Services and Manufacturing to Charities and Technology, so if you want to catch the imagination of your customers, and engage directly with your target market – get in touch.

我們與公司或其代理機構合作,以提供更多的不僅僅是一個展覽拖車或模塊化的立場。我們設計的備份與數字技術,以吸引觀眾的移動創新的環境,並提供可測量的方法來衡量成功 – ​​所以你可以確信你的銷售,營銷,溝通目標將得到滿足。


我們提供從金融服務和製造每一個部門,以慈善和技術,所以如果你想趕上你的客戶的想像力,並直接與您的目標市場搞 – 取得聯繫

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