Concierge Premier | CONCIERGE 智能控制系統


Concierge Premier is a control system for Bank, Hotel, Shopping Mall and Intelligent Home; which provides information, monitors and controls business hardware and facilities; and provides instant information and status from the business. Concierge Premier is designed for both embedded and retail machines allowing business and home users loading their desired materials to the end-users.

Concierge Premier是一套銀行、酒店、商場及智能家居控制系統,能夠提供信息,監視和控制硬件設備; Concierge Premier能提供即時信息和狀態給予業務使用者。Concierge Premier專為嵌入式和零售機器 設計,讓企業和家庭用戶加載其所需的材料到最終用戶。

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