ABOUT US | 公司簡介

AnchorStream Limited is a one-stop service provider specialized in the following areas:

  • Research & Academic Collaboration
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Medical & Dental Supply
  • Events & Marketing


In November 2013, AnchorStream Limited acquired four industry leaders to strengthen its network- Union (Trading) & Engineering Co. (since 1984), Seconly Digital & Trading Co. (since 2007), AnchorStream Computer Co. (since 2009), and Mister S Creation (since 2009).

These acquisitions have empowered us on many levels – we now have access to a larger, stronger team; the levels of service and support to our clients have become more instant and efficient. We are backed up by a leader in ICT who is respected by the industry in which we serve. AnchorStream provides a full range of services covering both hardware and software needs – systems integration, data center operation, custom software development, hardware development, network infrastructure and maintenance services.

Our clients include investment banks, hotels, global suppliers, public transport providers, large clinical chains, hospitals, universities and the government. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the core missions in AnchorStream; we provide technical support to non-profit organizations. We share a belief that the provision of technology services is all about choosing the right solutions, supported by the right products and implemented by the right people.


  • 研究與學術合作
  • 資訊科技
  • 工程
  • 醫療及牙科供應
  • 活動及市場推廣

2013年11月,基峰數據有限公司收購四個行 業領導者,以加強其網絡優:聯盟(貿易) 工程公司(1984年),Seconly數字貿易公司 (2007年),基峰數據(2009年)和Mister S Creation(2009年) 。

本次收購授權讓我們得到多層面上的進步: 我們擁有一個更大、更強的團隊,而我們在信 息和通信技術上大大支持涵蓋硬件和軟件的需求,如系統集成、數據中心運營、定制軟件開發、硬件開發,網絡基礎設施和維護保養等全 方位服務 。

我們的客戶包括投資銀行、酒店、全球供應商、 公共交通供應商、大型醫療診所、醫院、大學和 政府。企業社會責任是基峰數據核心任務之一, 我們為NGO提供支持。我們分享技術,支持所 有選擇合適解決方案的客戶,由專家實施信念和 提供合適的產品。通過新團隊的組建,我們獲得 更大範圍的選擇,以確保您的特定需求能夠交付完美的結果。