International Marist Brothers Alumni Project Launch | 國際聖母昆仲會校友項目啟動

The Marist Brothers is an international community of Catholic Religious Institute of Brothers. Marist Schools Alumni Associations (Hong Kong) just launched their brand new website. AnchorStream assists our client on content handling, building a brand new-website, setting up network infrastructure, handling and digitize international alumni records, e-mail template engine, etc. For more, click here.

聖母昆仲會是國際天主教組織,在全球77個國家設有學校。聖母昆仲學校校友會(香港)成功推出全新品牌網站。在這個項目中,基峰數據協助我們的客戶進行內容處理,建立全新品牌網站,建立網絡基礎設施,處理和數字化全球校友記錄,電子郵件模板引擎等。 如需更多信息,請點擊此處。



SFXSAA Project Launch | 荃濟校友有限公司項目啟動

AnchorStream proud to announce that one of our clients new site, St. Francis Xavier’s School (TW) Alumni Association Limited was successfully launched. In this project, AnchorStream assists our client on content handling, building a brand new-website, setting up network infrastructure, handling over five thousands alumni records and digitize, e-mail template engine, etc. For more, click here.

在這個項目中,基峰數據協助我們的客戶進行內容處理,建立全新品牌網站,建立網絡基礎設施,處理和數字化超過五千校友記錄,電子郵件模板引擎等。 如需更多信息,請點擊此處。




Background (English Only)

In order to expand horizon of our members, and respond to the increasing needs from overseas customers, AnchorStream organises overseas training programs to out-performed candidates.

These programs are mainly organised in Thailand, Malaysia, Mainland China, Korea and Japan; where many our customers and commercial partners resides and have business operations.

Date back to 2008, AnchorStream successfully nominated talented candidates for this program. This training equipped our members a border international view with full vision for the challenge ahead. This AnchorStream Overseas Training Program is planned and conducted with the Academic & Research (A&R) budget annually.

Overseas Training Programs Winner

2008-2009 Bangkok, Thailand (1-3/Sep/2009)
Mr. CHAN Wai-Chun, Ms. LEE Wing-Yi & Mr. TANG Ka-Ho

2011-2012 Penang, Malaysia (6-9/Sep/2012)
Mr. CHEUNG Chong, Mr. CHAN Yan-Chi & Mr. WONG Wai-Hung

2012-2013 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (9-13/Aug/2013)
Mr. LEUNG Kwok-Ming, Mr. WONG Hei-Yin,
Mr. YANG Zhi & Mr. MAN Kai-Tik

Basic Requirements for Participants in Overseas Training Programs

The qualification of AnchorStream Overseas Training Programs’ participants are as follow:

  • Candidates should have at least three out-performed project records in personal career.
  • Candidates should work for AnchorStream Limited or it’s sister company for more than 24 months.
  • Candidates should be aged between 18 and 25.
  • Candidates should have enough language ability (English major) so as to be able to understand the program content.
  • Candidates should be physically healthy to fit for overseas training.